Retrato de Tara Mohr com conteúdo

A falta do meu PC work obriga-me a ter outras ideias e regressei a um dos meus livros de cabeceira com lápis e papel pelo  meio. É um livro que recomendo pois trás ferramentas bastantes úteis. Mas também dá uma perspectiva feminina do mundo onde se vive.
O retrato foi feito a lápis HB, B2,B4. Confesso que costumo a usar minas mais moles para realizar tarefas semelhantes. E os cinzas chegam aos negros. Mas desta vez não quis carregar de preto a imagem. Espero que o conjunto do testemunho seja útil.

From the book Playing Big written by Tara Mohr

“I was raised, as so many girls were, with the message “Get good grades in school, work hard, and you’ll do well in your career.” This narrative about the new meritocracy for women in the work world was a core message my generation and those who followed received – from our moms and from the media. The problem? It ignored a number of others factors that are critical for careers sucess, one of them being self-promotion-making your work visible.”

“Research shows that men try to prove themselves in a job interview and initial negotiation-while women ask for less and plan to prove themselves on the job instead. Women often slowly realize their good visible, on an ongoing basis, to those scouting talent within the organization or making decisions about career advancement. We start to understand, “Oh, in this workplace, I have to do good work and make it visible to the right people, “but school hasn’t taught us how to do that. In fact, it’s made it all too easy for us to excel while avoiding speaking about our own accomplishment or abilities.”

“Self-promotion is tricky for women, for a couple of reasons. Research shows that women incur social cost for advocating for themselves too strongly; they are seen as less likable by those around them, especially by other women. Yet studies also show that women who don’t advocate for themselves at all are not seen as competent leaders.”

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